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Moscow escort Anne seemed to be having the time of her life strolling about all the designer clothing and accessories. She introduced herself, picked out a few outfits and, wine bottle in tow, and went into the fitting room. After a half an hour to an hour she returned wearing a stunning body hugging and revealing evening gown. Glittering with each sultry step, she then went up to the coat section and asked if I could help her try on some jackets to go with her outfit. I was a bit disappointed at first that she picked the bulky coats, but to check her out in that gown was indeed a fringe benefit I had never thought I could reap.
Escort Moscow Anne exudes sex appeal and I soaked it all in, as evidenced by the bulge in my pants. Either she noticed or killed the bottle of wine or both, but she had a smirk on her face, as I would wrap jackets around her, checking her out in the mirror constantly. Damn she is one fine woman. With each jacket, I crept closer to her, trying in vain not to lose control.
Abruptly she changed gears and said she had picked out some "selections" she wanted to try on next. My eyes widened when I saw that she had picked out some sheer and silken nightgowns. She disappeared into the dressing lounge and returned quickly in silk pajamas. However, what was amazing was that she left the top unbuttoned.
I nearly lost it, but braved to leer at this sultry vixen. She fussed with her hair and asked for me to button up the top while she put up her hair.
Amazingly, my hands weren't shaking, but my heart was pounding, my cock throbbing. My hands and arms brushed against her breasts and she let out a moan. My fingers fumbled at the buttons and I felt her breathing equal mine in labor. My hands slipped against her breasts, only the slick silk between them. As soon as I managed to button it, she wanted to try on a different one. With that, she dropped the pant bottoms and flipped off the top.
I was in shock and excitement. She looked amazing. "Not bad for 43, huh?" she quipped as she reached for the see-thru sheer gown. "Damn incredible for anybody!" I replied. She smiled, and from a barrette
in her hair she pulled out a dollar bill, slipped it into my shirt pocket and grabbed my ass, all the while smiling and staring at me.
She turned before I could react, so I reached around to softly grasp her wonderful breasts. My fingers lightly caressed the soft skin of her nipples in gentle circular motions while the cups of my hands cupped her breasts and rubbed them. "You have the hands of a skilled masseuse." she said. Make me one lucky masseuse.
She slowly backed into me as I held her breasts and let my fingertips roam all over them. I nuzzled into her neck from behind and heard her moan with affirmed delight. She reached back to find my throbbing cock through my pants and rubbed it.
We stood there, groping, caressing, kissing, nuzzling, nibbling, and feeling. My hands would roam all over her body, yet always end up at her breasts.
She ground her ass into me and moaned as I caressed her breasts. She reached into my pants, delighted at the fact that I wear boxers and began rubbing her lovely ass into my crotch. She was in control, but I knew how to gain control- her breasts. I kneaded them gently, gaining control and sending louder gasps from her beautiful lips.
I pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts, grinding my hard cock into the crevice of her ass cheeks. "I am so wet right now." she breathed heavily. I was in control now. "What do you want from me?" I wanted to fuck her, love her body, caress it, and make it cum. "Why do you want some 43 year old like me." Because you turn me on like no 26 year old ever has.
Her body began jerking with mild spasms when I decided it was time to move in. "Spread your legs." I commanded with a whisper. Her high heels slipped sideways on the marble floor. I spied her gorgeous body up and down again. I turned and removed one hand from her breast while keeping the other there. I caressed her ass cheeks, marveling in their softness.
I slipped my finger teasingly along the crack of her ass to the fringe of pubic hair by her pussy and lightly stroked it with my fingertip. She was gushing moans and jerked to her knees. I dropped to mine with her, making sure she was all right.
She steadied herself on all fours when I slipped my finger into her hot, wet box. My other hand gleefully played with her hanging breasts. She was moaning constantly as I ran my slick finger from her pussy over her clit. I rubbed her clit faster and faster and she squealed with delight. I pushed her off to a coffee table where she sat down spreading her legs. I quickly zipped between them and began stroking her clit with my long tongue. Her hands gripped my hair "Oh yeah, oh God yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna..."
My tongue flickered and rubbed her clit, my finger sliding and curling in her pussy. She bit her lips in a constant moan as I flattened my tongue over her clit and rubbed harder and harder. Her fingers pulled my hair and she squealed her orgasm into the empty store, her hips bucking up and down over my stationary head, pounding her clit with my tongue.
I was close to bursting and crawled on top of her, slipping my cock into her hot box. I thrust my cock into her as her body banged and jolted with orgasm. I grabbed the table with one hand to direct my thrusts into her while the other grabbed her breasts. We kissed hard and deep, our tongues colliding and sucking. Her hands roamed my body, pulling my shirt apart, rubbing my skin, and grabbing my ass. I fumbled her legs over my shoulders and thrust deeply into her. She coughed out a scream and I began thrusting deeper and harder. The coffee table was pounding the floor as my thrusts pounded my cock harder and harder into her. I moaned her name aloud "Anne, Anne, Anne" and sent my orgasm shooting deep inside of her, my body bucking as she held hers tightly to mine.

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Romantic Night with Widower

My Encounter with widower was quite an interactive one. He was a middle aged Russian Businessman. Moscow escort His wife had succumbed to cancer 5 years back and he had 10 years old daughter.
He told me he was not interested in escort girls at all. In fact, he thought of them as cheap hookers, until his friend shows him my profile. Most interesting features was that my face resembles a lot to his ex-wife. That got him interested in me and he decided to meet me.
Like a sweet romantic couple, we went to dinner in a nice restaurant in Moscow. Escort MoscowHere, he shared all his sweet things about his wife like when he met her in college, how he proposed to her and finally had a beautiful daughter. He had only one regret that he couldn’t give enough time to his wife when she was dying of cancer and he still felt guilty about it.
To lift his spirits up, we went to ballet dance in Moscow.  Now, he was really comfortable with me.. Suddenly, while walking to the hotel after ballet dance, he gave me a warm kiss on my lips.  

He was surprised at what he did and told me that he was sorry for this.  He was not able to control his strong attraction towards me.  I smiled at him and said to him, “Let’s go to my apartment.”  He followed my orders like an obedient child.
On entering my residence, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other body. We took off each other clothes and soon jumped naked in bed. He started giving me deep French kisses on my lips and neck. I also start caressing his back to motivate him.  After quenching his thirst from kissing, he took some short clothes from my Almirah.  He tied my legs and hands to four corners of the bed. Now, I was in complete control of him. Next, he took moisturizer from my cupboard and applied it on my smooth skin.  Especially on my breasts which he fondled too, while applying. I was really out of control and started moaning in excitement. He understood what kind of situation I was in and reciprocated by kissing me passionately all over my body. My neck, my breasts, my smooth legs, even my ears, he didnt leave a single place where his lips didn’t move over my soft skin.
After that, he came to the main action, i.e. Sexual intercourse.
Before inserting his cock, he applied moisturizer in his cock so that it can enter smoothly inside my vagina. My vagina was already wet due to French kissing and erotic massage; hence he had no problem in inserting his cock. His cock entered in my body like a hot knife on solid butter. He started rotating his cock inside my vagina. I closed my eyes and was really in the moment. In excitement, I told him to keep on pushing harder and harder. He did as I told him and soon increased his speed at a ferocious rate. Soon, he touched my G-spot and ejaculated huge sperm dose inside my body. I also achieved an orgasm. Now both of us were really satisfied with our sexual activity.
He thanked me a lot after this fierce sexual activity and promised me to come back again. And he did. He visited me again two months later and now we have developed a special bond with each other. He also invited me to his home sometimes for dinner or for casual talk. In fact, he had also introduced me to his daughter. His daughter is really fond of me. I think he had started falling in love with me. Who knows this sweet encounter may last into a marriage. I am keeping my finger crossed    

Amandolin-sex-with widower

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Романтическая ночь с вдовцом

Escort MoscowЯ эскорт модель и однажды судьба подарила мне встречу с вдовцом. Русский бизнесмен, которому было слегка за 40, обратился в наше эскорт агентство. Он потерял жену 5 лет назад, она умерла от рака, у него была 10летняя дочь.
Он сказал мне, что никогда раньше не пользовался эскорт услугами. Он скептически относился к эскорт моделям и считал, что они ничем не отличаются от обычных проституток. Его друг показал ему наш сайт, на котором были мои фотографии, и я напомнила ему его жену. Moscow escort Это заинтересовало его и он позвонил и назначил встречу.
Как влюбленная пара мы сначала отправились в один из лучших ресторанов Москвы на романтический ужин. За бокалом дорогого шампанского он рассказал мне историю своего знакомства с женой, об их свадьбе и о рождении дочери. Он до сих пор винил себя в том, что практически все время посвящал работе и мало времени проводил с семьей, и только когда потерял жену, понял, что неправильно расставлял приоритеты.
Чтобы отвлечь его от грустных воспоминаний, я предложила ему прогуляться по ночной Москве. Мы гуляли, любовались ночными улицами, и вдруг он поцеловал меня. Он сказал, что очень хочет скорее остаться со мной наедине и заняться любовью. Я улыбнулась и сказала, что вечер был удивительным, и мы можем продолжить его у меня дома. Он кивнул, поймал такси, и мы направились в мою квартиру.
Выйдя из такси, мы держались за руки и, зайдя, наконец, в квартиру, мы быстро скинули одежду и нырнули в постель. Французским поцелуем он впился в мои губы, затем перешел к шее. Я была охвачена страстью и мои ноготки впивались в его спину. Минут 20 спустя он встал, взял мои чулки и привязал ими мои руки и ноги к кровати. Я не могла пошевелиться, и была полностью в его власти. С полочки он взял баночку с кремом и начал растирать его по моему гладкому телу, особое внимание уделив груди. Я начала постанывать от волнения, потому что чувствовала себя как его рабыня. Он гладил и одновременно целовал мое тело, мои соски торчали от возбуждения, а я извивалась под его лаковыми руками. Он целовал мои уши, шею, грудь, животик, ножки, и только моя киска осталась без внимания.Я сказала ему, что хочу продолжения и он кивнул. 
Его член был довольно внушительных размеров, поэтому он воспользовался кремом, чтобы не причинять мне боль. Но моя киска была уже настолько мокрой от возбуждения, что мы могли обойтись и без него. Он мягко вошел в меня, и я облегченно вздохнула, почувствовав его член в себе. Я закрыла глаза и погрузилась в мир удовольствия. Его движения были сначала медленными и плавными, а потом его темп начал увеличиваться. Я наслаждалась каждым мгновением, каждым толчком. Когда он поймал мою точку G, меня накрыло волной сногсшибательного оргазма, я громко стонала, и вскоре почувствовала в себе его сперму, он тоже кончил.
Я была на седьмом небе от счастья, да и он выглядел удовлетворенным, на его губах играла мальчишеская улыбка. Он сказал, что обязательно позвонит еще раз и не соврал. Через пару месяцев мы встретились снова. На этот раз он пригласил меня к себе в гости на ужин. Там я познакомилась с его дочерью. Девочке я очень понравилась, и мы даже подружились. Сейчас наши встречи стали довольно частыми и мне кажется, что наш роман может перерасти во что-то большее.